​Bill Broderick

​Bill Broderick is an HR professional with over 25 years experience in management roles, with a focus on staffing and selection.   His experience includes five years as HR Director of a financial institution and four years as Regional Director of HR for a global financial services firm.  Bill formed Management Practices Institute (MPI) in 1992 and conducted consulting assignments such as those needs posted on the Search page.  In addition, Bill has performed HR assignments in Training design, compensation and organization development.

In 2005, Bill formed MPI Resources to focus on recruiting and selection projects, with assignments in operations, sales and technical specialists at levels of Manager, Director, and officer, with six figure compensation.

Academically, Bill has a BS in Psychology and MS in Human Resources Development.  He has authored dozens of articles, and is a contributing author for Recruiting Trends, ERE and other publications. 
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