​MPI Resources

​MPI Resources focuses on finding and attracting talent to enable clients to fulfill company hiring goals.

What we do

  • Fully review and understand your needs as a client
  • Identify sources for finding candidates
  • Source and attract candidates of high interest
  • Support client efforts to successfully recruit, select and hire key staff

How we do it

  • Develop and utilize professional social networks to find professionals of interest
  • Create relationships and connections with prospects and candidates 
  • Develop relationships into sources of referrals and candidates
  • Qualify and present candidates for client review and follow up
  • Assist clients in landing candidates of interest

MPI Resources offers retained and contingency search services in support of your staffing goals!   Go to our contact page and get in touch!

Factoids of Interest:

  • TAX CUTS Ave. gain in take home pay, per year, single earner is $1400, gain for family of four, $2917
  • ​MEDIAN INCOME in 2016, median income $59,039,rising to $62,175 in June 2018
  • MINIMUM WAGE US has 80M + hourly wage workers, 1.8M @ minimum wage, and half of them live at home with parents
  • MANUFACTURING had 12M employees in 2014, now employ 12.8M.  Biggest gain is in auto industry, with 56K jobs added